The Staff

Eric Watson | CEO and Founder

Eric grew up in an automotive family, working his way up from body shop to sales to owner. After completing college he went to work for Ford Credit's fast growing PRIMUS automotive financial services. While there he excelled in developing customer lease retention programs and developing the "Pre-Termination Inspection" for lease end vehicle customers.

Eric then cut his marketing and sub prime marketing teeth at Lucadia national corp's bank "American Investment Bank". As Vice President of marketing over the South East region he developed a company leading territory in less than 1 year. After AIB Eric took a regional sales position with Capital One Auto Finance, leading his division in booking the Capital One Pre-Approval Events and developing dealer marketing associated to sub prime lending.

In 2006 Eric set out to develop his own company, solely focusing on credit data and marketing with lending and dealer partners and has successfully grown this company to the industry leader in this field.


Jim Boltima | Marketing

Jim is in marketing and has been with us for over 6 years.


Tara Sudbury | Regional Marketing Manager

Tara is a regional marketing manager and has been with us for over 3 years.