Twenty years experience in the automotive industry has shown us a lot. We understand how this machine runs for small dealerships, all the way up to the big guys. From direct marketing, credit data extraction, sub-prime automotive lending and small to Fortune 200 companies such as:

  • Ford Credit
  • Wells Fargo
  • Lucadia National
  • Capital One Auto Finance

We have extensive experience in direct marketing related to sub-prime automotive lending. We provide pre-screen credit data to lenders and dealers nationwide by identifying filters and effective, compliant mail pieces. In today's highly regulated environment we strive to keep your dealership in compliance.

Lending Programs

  • BK lending up to 135% front-end advance, low fees and $0 down
  • Low income BK program in 4 states
  • Recourse lending with no sign up fee
  • No minimum number of contracts
  • Portfolio acquisitions and brokering


  • Marketing Programs
  • Equifax, Experian and T/U trigger leads nationwide - self mail or full fulfillment
  • Pre-approval sales using all 3 credit files
  • BK mail - Ask us about our exclusive lending programs paired with our mail.
  • Saturation Mail, targeted to income tiers, and metro/ rural zones.
  • Make/Model data and mailers
  • Website credit application paired with our direct mail

What Makes Us Different

We are so confident that in select markets we have targeted dealers for "profit share" programs where we provide management, advertising and lenders and dealer provides inventory. This program is only available in select markets. We have helped our dealer partners make millions of dollars all without a penny of the dealers money spent on advertising.