Get Some Breathing Room

Money can be a sensitive topic, but it doesn’t have to be. We offer lending programs to financially reposition your store and give you the footing you need to expand your regional market share.

We have over 20 years of lending experience and a wealth of industry contacts - let us help assess your pool of current lenders and suggest new or niche lenders to help build your business.

Lending Programs

  • BK Lending
    • Up to 135% front end advance, Low fees $0 down
  • Low Income BK Program
    • Available in 4 states
  • Recourse Lending
    • No signup fee, no minimum number of contracts
  • Portfolio Acquisitions and Brokering
    • We can help bring your pool to the top buyer in the market. Instead of working with a single buyer we will tier your loans and sell to the best buyer for each. This gives you more contracts sold and a higher gross payout. We even buy some ourselves!
  • Floor-plan Financing
    • We have strategic alliances with lenders that can help our customers!