It’s A Numbers Game

It’s quite simple really... the more leads you generate, the more sales you’ll realize. We offer a proprietary lead generation system, D2Leads, for our clients. Click here to request a demo.

This is our real game changer, we are the only company to offer this platform for daily trigger data from the credit agencies. It's most beneficial feature is SPEED. We can have data ordered and downloaded before most companies can order. We can INSTANTLY append this valuable trigger data to 3rd party databases to acquire more phone numbers, even some e-mail addresses. We auto-check the NCOS (National Change Of Address) file to make sure your mailing to the most accurate address available. We make printing easy, by programming a multi-page PDF to print on our high-quality shell. We achieve higher response rates because we mail locally achieving the best response time.

Data Management and Security

All your past files are kept on our database for you to access. We restrict fields as required by the credit institutions to help you stay compliant with FCRA laws related to this data.

Plug and Play

Trigger data has gotten a bad reputation in past years, not because it does not work but because most dealers did not use it correctly. Our system is tried and proven. Dealers enjoy some of the lowest costs per sold unit in the industry with us.

We also offer all 3 credit Agencies trigger leads nationwide. This is a self mail or full fulfillment.

Internet Leads

We prefer credit qualified leads generated by our data and direct mail but we have affiliate partners that are industry leaders in Real Organic Internet leads that we will be happy to introduce our customers to.