Threw It at The Wall... Nothing Stuck

Most dealerships, better yet, most companies, don’t have a marketing strategy. Typically, someone in upper management has an idea that some new technology is the ticket to success and they go gangbusters on that. That’s not a strategy, that’s a whim. No thought, no execution.

So why waste your time, resources, and efforts on this approach? Don’t. We have marketing strategists that have been in the industry and understand what will work for your dealership based on size, brand, and location.

Targeted Direct Mail

It may sound old school, but it works! Because mail is increasingly cost-prohibitive to companies, we see less clutter in potential customers' mailboxes today than there has been in over 30 years! This results in higher response rates for retailers willing to use this medium.

Websites paired with direct mailings - Make/Model Data & Mailers Pre-Approval BK Mail. Ask us about our exclusive lending programs paired with our mail Saturation Mail Targeted to income tiers, and metro/rural zones.

The Best Choices in Data List

Mailing lists used to be easy - choose credit or saturation - but in today's market it's not so simple. First let me cover a little on credit data. We know how to best utilize all three of the major credit files to maximize your marketing dollars. We are experts at maneuvering within these files and permissible purpose laws to build a mail piece that is both effective and compliant. We have a unique prospective - coming from auto lending we have seen hundreds of thousands of credit files for customers and are uniquely suited to applying and even building new filters for customers in highly responsive credit circumstances.

Trigger Data: We are pioneers in Credit File Trigger Data, this program has been VERY successful for our clients over the past 8 years. This file sometimes gets a bad name from misuse and being provided to ill prepared dealers. We built a marketing program  including mail, phones and email around this data and a online platform for stores to use the data in the most effective way by enabling local mail delivery and proper dealer preparation.

New files come out almost monthly and can be divided by military, make model, new mover Bankruptcy variations, saturation list filters, rooftop appended data, etc. We stay abreast of all these files, manage them and provide the best files suited to your campaign.